Project #Giveback

ScotiaBank Toronto Walk for Life. Team Spice Youth Toronto raised $500!

SYTCI is concerned about issues that affect our community and most particularly our youth.  Each year we have committed to tackling one major issue by creating an awareness campaign. In 2010, we selected the rising number of cases of HIV/AIDS within the community and participated in the ScotiaBank Toronto AIDS ‘Walk for Life’ raising over $500 towards the cause. According to research conducted by the US Centre for Disease Control & Prevention, HIV/AIDS has had a disproportionate impact on African Americans, who make up approximately 14 percent of the population but account for nearly half (46 percent) of all cases. Several Spice Youth Toronto members participated in the event with an aim to raising awareness about prevention, testing, and treatment within the communities.

In 2011, the focus turned to the Land of our birth Grenada through our participation and presentation at the Grenada Diaspora Founding Conference. The Diaspora Conference is an initiative of the Grenada Ministry of Foreign affairs to assess the ways in which Grenadians in the diaspora can contribute to the economic growth of the island and to facilitate the creation of opportunities for partnerships between government agencies, the private sector, civil society local communities and the Diaspora communities.

Spice Youth Toronto created and presented in collaboration with community partner SPYCO from Montreal a presentation that highlighted the issues affecting us as youth in the diaspora and how we feel we can contribute to Grenada’s development. To facilitate this process, SYTCI hosted a DIASPORA YOUTH FORUM for youth input and to commence discussions.

SYTCI Diaspora Youth Forum

In 2012, as a continuation to our commitment to supporting youth initiatives not only here in Toronto but in Grenada, The Executive made the decision to donate a projector and screen to the Grenada Youth Centre, Grand Anse, St. George’s. The items were presented by President, Trisha Mitchell and Secretary Marie Benjamin, to Manager of the Centre, Mr. Dwight Williams in a ceremony held at the Grenada National Museum in August 2012.


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