Forward Ever! Independence, Revolution & Liberation ~ A panel discussion

In commemoration of this historic day, October 19, 1983, when Grenadian revolutionary Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and other colleagues in the New Jewel Movement Party were assassinated by their ‘comrades’ and the US unilaterally invaded the small island.

Spice Youth Toronto Community Initiative & the Network For Pan-Afrikan Solidarity
Invites you to
Forward Ever! Independence, Revolution & Liberation. 

Critical Perspectives on the New Jewel Movement, the Grenada Revolution & a Legacy of Pan-Afrikan Liberatory Struggle

Forward Ever! Independence, Revolution & Liberation.
When: Friday, Oct. 19th 2012
Where: Room 5-170 (5th floor) OISE, University of Toronto
252 Bloor Street (near St. George subway)
Time: 7pm

Film: The Grenada Revolution Documentary

Performance by Hudson George


Dr. Alissa Trotz
Associate Professor
Caribbean Studies at New College & Women & Gender Studies
University of Toronto

Mr. Caldwell Taylor
Former Grenadian Ambassador to the United Nations

Dr. Arnold Itwaru
Senior Lecturer, anti-colonial scholar & activist
New College
University of Toronto

Marie Benjamin & Kadon Douglas
Independent Researchers

Event is Free *donations welcome*

Venue is wheelchair accessible & Childcare will be available

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